If you're an individual and couple who are hoping to become parents with the help of fertility treatment such as IVF,  I can advise you on the legal issues you need to be aware of before you commence treatment. I can also advise you if you're an individual who is considering providing assistance to another individual or couple by, for example, donating your eggs or sperm or acting as a surrogate. 


Most people have fertility treatment in New Zealand but an increasing number of people are undergoing fertility treatment overseas in countries with different laws to New Zealand. I can advise you on the legal aspects of both options. I can also advise you if you're considering fertility treatment outside of a fertility clinic, for example home insemination.

I highly recommended that everyone involved in creating a child obtain legal advice early so that there is more certainty and less chance of a dispute arising in future. However, if you are involved in a dispute, I can provide advice on how to resolve this. 




If you are a male and you're unsure of whether you are a father of a child, I can advise you on undergoing a paternity test, obtaining paternity or non-paternity orders from the Family Court and other associated issues like child support liability. Similarly, if you are the mother of a child and there is uncertainty that you would like resolved, I can advise you on your options. 

Paternity issues can also arise later in life once all parties are adults and can have an impacts on wills and estates. I can advise you if you're involved in a situation where clarity is needed and can also assist with locating the potential father or adult child and making initial contact. 



In some circumstances it is possible for a woman to obtain a pregnancy costs order from the Family Court if the soon to be father has not provided financial support to cover the costs associated with pregnancy and items bought in preparation for the baby's arrival. I can advise you if you'd like to apply for such an application or if such an application has been made about you.


To enquire about a free initial consultation and fees please email me at contact@zoelawton.com


All consultations can be undertaken over video meeting software Zoom or at my office in the Auckland CBD. If you're based out of Auckland that's no problem as I am used to working remotely for clients. 

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