I can provide legal advice on the following matters:

  • Donating sperm or eggs to a friend, family member or stranger

  • Utilising donated sperm or eggs to have a child

  • Acting as a surrogate for a friend, family member or stranger

  • Engaging a surrogate to have a child

  • Home insemination with donated sperm to have a child

  • Disputes over stored embryos for IVF treatment post break up

  • Applications to the NZ Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology

  • Requests for paternity testing

  • Paternity disputes

  • Orders to recover the cost of pregnancy

  • Adoption

  • How to locate birth parents, donors or other relatives later in life


All consultations can be undertaken over video meeting software Zoom or at my office in the Auckland CBD. If you're based out of Auckland that's no problem - I am used to working remotely for clients. 



In 2012 I completed a Master of Laws thesis on conception and parenthood then worked in a research counsel role assisting the Principal Family Court Judge of New Zealand. I have been a contributing researcher to the University of Canterbury study Rethinking Surrogacy Laws and have conducted research for a US based donor sperm bank and a NZ based paternity testing company. I have also written articles and been interviewed by the media on a range of reproduction and parenthood topics.



To enquire about an initial consultation and fees email me at contact@zoelawton.com

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