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Legal Research

I hold a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws from Victoria University of Wellington specialising in medical and family law. I started my legal career in the role of Judge's Clerk to the Principal Family Court Judge of New Zealand. Since then I have undertaken a range of research contracts for various organisations, government agencies and universities.

A sample of the research I have undertaken is listed on this page. If you would like to engage me to undertake legal research, please email me to arrange an initial consultation.  


Ministry of Justice

Engaged to undertake a comprehensive review of the implementation of the Victims Rights Act 2002 for the Chief Victims Advisor to Government which involved consultation with police, prosecutors and court staff. Also undertook an associated review of the type of data collected about victims of crime in the criminal justice system to inform future research and policy development. 


New Zealand Law Foundation

Awarded research funding to undertake a study on whether integrated family violence courts should be implemented in New Zealand. Research included travel to selected integrated courts in the USA and Canada to interview judges, lawyers and court staff. I presented this comprehensive report to the Minister of Justice. Funding was provided under a partnership agreement between the NZ Law Foundation and the Ministry of Justice. The Law School at Victoria University of Wellington kindly hosted for me while I undertook the research. 


University of Canterbury

Contracted to undertake a comprehensive case law review and interview judges about the court process for surrogacy arrangements as part of a the study Rethinking Surrogacy Laws. The study was a collaboration between Law, Business, Health Sciences, Philosophy and the Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor Maori.

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